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    • We're looking at the carrier class symmetric horns for use in an offshore use case as they provide ideal radiation patterns for our application, but concerns have been raised over the suitability of the IP rating for this environment. I notice that the carrier class show IP55 as do the Twistport antennas. Could you provide some details on how the rating was achieved and measured, and whether there is the potential to 'up-rate' the antennas with minimal impact on performance? Many thanks, Richard A.
    • Hi, it is compatible with all the RF elements HORN antennas combined with TPA-PAF TwistPort adaptor. It is also compatible with RF elements patch array sectors with the default bracket delivered in the LTU Rocket package.  The older version of the TPA-PAF adaptor might need a small modification - plastic insert needs a few chips removed as shown HERE.
    • The highlighted cable (in the attached picture) is the horizontal one, given that you mount it in the default position - with the panel (also circled in red on the bottom of the pic) facing down. The isolation between the ports is good enough to leave the vertical polarization cable disconnected (no need to connect it to a matched load or anything else).
    • Hello,  Is the UBNT Rocket LTU PTMP radio compatible with the RF Elements sector antennas?  Thanks!
    • Link is broken, but I'm looking for that info. At new installation guide - there is no info about pigtails polarizations:( I want to use only one-H-pol. Where to find info?