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  2. We're looking at the carrier class symmetric horns for use in an offshore use case as they provide ideal radiation patterns for our application, but concerns have been raised over the suitability of the IP rating for this environment. I notice that the carrier class show IP55 as do the Twistport antennas. Could you provide some details on how the rating was achieved and measured, and whether there is the potential to 'up-rate' the antennas with minimal impact on performance? Many thanks, Richard A.
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  5. Hi, it is compatible with all the RF elements HORN antennas combined with TPA-PAF TwistPort adaptor. It is also compatible with RF elements patch array sectors with the default bracket delivered in the LTU Rocket package. The older version of the TPA-PAF adaptor might need a small modification - plastic insert needs a few chips removed as shown HERE.
  6. The highlighted cable (in the attached picture) is the horizontal one, given that you mount it in the default position - with the panel (also circled in red on the bottom of the pic) facing down. The isolation between the ports is good enough to leave the vertical polarization cable disconnected (no need to connect it to a matched load or anything else).
  7. Hello, Is the UBNT Rocket LTU PTMP radio compatible with the RF Elements sector antennas? Thanks!
  8. Link is broken, but I'm looking for that info. At new installation guide - there is no info about pigtails polarizations:( I want to use only one-H-pol. Where to find info?
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  10. The antennas on the picture are installed as 30° azimuth and 20° elevation. Nice horny install btw How do you like the performance?
  11. I have installed these horns as shown in the picture below - They are the 30 degree horns - however debate on if I installed correctly has come up - please review the picture and verify that i have installed these 30 degree wide or if I have mistakenly turned them side-ways and made them 20 degree wide. FYI/ the cables look like crap on the picture - the climber has fixed that since it was taken. LOL.. mike
  12. You're right, the Fresnel zone reflections are not a problem for circularly polarized setup. It is possible to make a TPA with circular polarization, but as of now we do not plan that. You guessed it right - it's all about the MOQ vs profitability when it comes to mass production.
  13. We are surrounded by water and oceans, so we struggle quite a lot with reflections and variable signal due to high and low tide. Our most difficult links are those out to salmon farms at sea. Using our regular patch-antennas is just a nightmare, and regular RF-element antennas are not much better. So we want to try out cir.pol in an effort to try to minimise the negative effect of reflected signals. Would it be possible to make some TP-adaptors for us to test, or is it too much R&D and production costs? I don't of course know how big a market it would be for this variant, but the amount of offshore fish farms is growing fast her i Norway. I guess Scotland, Chile, Alaska and more have the same situation. And the latest now is algae farms at sea! And with the demand to transfer live video feeds for 10-15 full HD-cameras and fish feeding system controls to/ from each location, means we need dependable Mb-radio-links all over the place.😅🤗
  14. It is possible to make that, why do you need a circularly polarized antenna?
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    More info:
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    En este nuevo webinar sobre #RechazoDeRuido enseñaremos como mejorar la situación con las interferencias en las torres y así aumentar el ancho de banda para sus clientes. Registro - ¡Los esperamos!
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    Las antenas de #RFelements se describirán en este webinar. El problema número 1 de las redes de los WISP es el ruido por radiofrecuencia. Las antenas de RF elements abordan este problema desde su raíz, en lugar de tratar de lidiar con sus efectos: las redes de los #WISP pueden funcionar en el límite de rendimiento del fabricante del radio. ¡Únase a nuestro #webinar y conozca todos nuestros productos! Registro - ¡Los esperamos!
  18. Hola Ramón. Según he investigado, tendrías que comprar el AP de Cisco conectorizado (1572EAC) que es el que tiene interfaz N hembra, los otros modelos vienen con antena integrada. RF elements no tiene antenas de 120 grados, el máximo que tenemos es de 100 grados y es la Sector Carrier Class que viene con un blindaje incorporado para poner colocalizarlas (ponerlas una cercas de otras) sin problemas. Tendrías que usar 3 de estas antenas y aún así quedaría un espacio del terreno sin cubrir correctamente. Por acá te dejo la información de estas antenas -. -. Un saludo,
  19. Hola, veo que hablas español así que te pediré ayuda, estoy valorando implementar 3 nodos de acceso en outdoor, utilizare AP de Cisco modelo 1570, el area de cobertura es de aproximadamente un radio de 1000 mt, los usuarios estarán en movimiento enviando imágenes de video 5 Mbps. Estoy evaluando hacer un arreglo de 360° con 3 antenas sectoriales de RFelement cada antena conectada a un 1570 y "utilizando el mismo canal", osea en cada Nodo tendre 3 x AP en el mismo canal, por supuesto en el Nodo # 1 pondré canal 6 en el Nodo # 2 canal 1 y en el Nodo # 3 el canal 11. RFelement describe que sus antenas prácticamente no tienen lóbulos laterales o traseros para evitar la interferencia co-canal, tendre alguna posibilidad de éxito ??, que tal si las separo en el plano vertical de la torre en cada nodo buscando aislamiento ?. Saludos.
  20. I know it is a bit late for a christmas wish, but 😎 We need some antennas in 5 GHz that have circular polarization. Would it be possible to make a TP-adaptor like that? I suppose it is difficult to have both RHCP and LHCP in one adaptor/ antenna, so maybe one adaptor for each orientation? That would really be great and help us a lot, as we could choose antenna according to each system we build. A paper on how to make circularly pol antenna: Articles from Sensors (Basel, Switzerland) at National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine 8600 Rockville Pike, Bethesda MD, 20894 USA
  21. But a flat section (vertical) on an antenna is always a nice feature to have. It will help a lot when aligning using a scope/ binoculars.🙂 Compass is useless, as you said.
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    MUM EUROPE 2020

    O2 universum, Ceskomoravska 2345/17, 190 00 Praha 9-Liben, Ceska Republika Visit event website for more information. Register here.
  23. Recently I've got an opportunity to perform some measurements using a professional VNA, so I also took the Ultra Dish with TPA-RBC. The VSWR exceeds 2.0 below 5.17 GHz as expected. I used the following MMCX - SMA adapter:,przejsciowka-beczka-sma-m-mmcx-f-sma-j-mmcx-k.html
  24. Nice setup, thank you for sharing!
  25. Bonita instalacion buen manejo de cables felicitaciones
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    #RFelements presentará métodos conocidos para migrar a las #antenas Horn de los sectores tradicionales. Link de registro - Horarios por regiones Buenos Aires, Argentina - 12:00PM Ciudad de México, México - 9:00AM Bogotá, Colombia - 10:00AM Lima, Perú - 10:00AM Horario Central Europeo (CET) - 5:00PM
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    Meet RF elements crew and learn how our antennas can help you improve your network and business! Registration: here Detailed info: here Agenda 09:00 - Arrival and coffee 09:20 - Introductions in Room and Welcome to New Members 09:40 - BDUK Voucher Updates, BDUK 10:15 - UK Launch - WISDM-2 Wireless Planning, Wireless Coverage Ltd 10:45 - Coffee Break 11:15 - Helping Customers with their Wi-Fi, 11:45 - Shared and Local Access Spectrum update, Ofcom 12:15 - UK Launch - Introducing Flying Voice 12:45 - Lunch 14:00 - Spectrum Update - Nigel King, UKWISPA/Cambium Networks 14:20 - Access to 13,000 Tower Sites, tbc 14:40 - UK Launch - Introducing Ubiquiti airFiber LTU Point to MultiPoint equipment, MS Distribution 15:10 - UK Launch - Introduction to Quality of Experience (QoE) and Preseem - real-world examples and WISP success stories, Preseem 15:40 - UKWISPA Update - Policies, Website, Find a WISP, Maps - David Burns, UKWISPA 16:00 - Coffee and Meet the Sponsors / Member Networking 16:30 - Departure
  28. Hola Diego. Esta opción de guardar en tu cuenta de RFelements no existe. Lo que tenemos es la opción de descargar la simulación como un archivo PDF. Te adjunto una imagen para que veas donde es. Un saludo,
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