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  3. In the zip file you will find simplified 3D *.STEP and *.X_T files of the following RF elements antennas: All Symmetrical horns, all Asymmetrical horns, Twistport adaptors: TPA-PAF, TPA-ePMP, TPA-RBC These models are meant for our customers who plan networks and need the 3D antenna models for visualizations or to make sure they fit into a particular setup.
  4. Understanding the Fresnel zones effect on radio wave propagation can help you rule out problems with multipath propagation.
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  8. he realizado las simulaciones con antenas Horn de 60 grados simetricas y asimetricas para una distancia de dos CPE de 2.3 y 1.8 km respectivamente, tengo una duda como entender cual factor de elevacion del haz , me ayuda a tener mejor capacidad? no se si me logre explicar
  9. I am sorry this takes so long, we are working hard to deliver all we promise - we'll announce the availability as soon as it's up here and on social media channels.
  10. Thank you for the comments! If you read the text at the top of this thread, you'd know UBNT is not interested to provide us the data necessary to add those radios/CPEs into the calculator. Regarding the MCS - our calc shows them for ONE spatial channel. It is a survey tool we provide for free so you get an idea what you might expect, not a comprehensive planner with all gritty details. For more detailed settings/planning, I recommend to go with a paid tool. Each CPE in the dropdown menu has max MCS based on the data from the manufacturers for ONE spatial channel, so I believe it is a
  11. Las asimétricas de 60 serían aconsejables para la distancia mayor de 6.2km. Te invito a que simules en múltiples CPEs en nuestra herramienta y nos dejes saber -. Un saludo
  12. Aqui esta la Info... ¿Qué distancia tienen los clientes? La distancia varía de 200m, 800m, 3.2km, 6.2km ¿Qué planes les brindas? En estos momentos 3/1, 6/2, 9/2 Mega ¿Qué CPEs, qué AP? Actualmente Litebeam ac gen2 CPEs, y pienso ordenar los Rocket Prism 5AC Gen 2 Buenos días. Gracias
  13. Buenos días. Gracias por escribirnos ¿Qué distancia tienen los clientes? ¿Qué planes les brindas? ¿Qué CPEs, qué AP? Un saludo
  14. Buenas Tardes... Soy nuevo en esto y espero todo esté bien. Quiero actualizar unas de las torres de 120 Grados de Sectoriales a Cornetas. EL lugar donde está instalado es también llano y montañoso. Se que las Asymmetrical Horn TwistPort 60° tienen una elevación de 60/25 y la ganancia es de 17dbi. Ahora me explico, las Asymmetrical tienen una elevación de 40/40 y la ganancia de 16.2dbi. Estuve buscando para adquirirlo pero hice una comparativa que sí ordenó 6 de 60° Asymmetrical me sale lo mismo que 9 de 40° Symmetrical... La única diferencia es que los radios serian 3 adicionale
  15. I would really like to see the .csv file for the symmetrical 30 degree horns. Any update on when these might be available?
  16. Hello, We are going to implement few Ubiquiti LTU rockets in one area and would like to get your recommendation for the setup. Do you have such service? Thanks!
  17. Would be cool to get the Ubiquiti CPE range in there. Rocket Prism Gen2 Powerbeam 5AC Gen2 Powerbeam M5 Also, when I use the Multi CPE option, MCS rates on graph don't show any higher than 9, I would think that most modern day CPEs are up to MCS rate 15 with 2x2 streams. When I do the single CPE option and try and see what the CPE would be like at different MCS rates on the slider, it won't allow me to go any higher than 11. Seems a bit off.
  18. You can do that using a thin long screwdriver that fits into the opening to press down the RJ45 clip, or anything similar to that. We do not have any special tool for this purpose.
  19. OK Thanks for Clarifying - Can I ask is there any tool available for unseating RJ45 plugs in TwistPortTM Adaptor for RouterBOARD RB, inserting the RJ45 plug is not easy on a mast but trying to remove the RJ45 plug is extremely difficult?
  20. Some MikroTik boards have the UTP connector a little shifted, so you can flip this part so you're able to connect the cable to them once in the adaptor (see picture attached).
  21. Can someone explain what exactly this item does on a TwistPortTM Adaptor for RouterBOARD RBC ?
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    INTERFERENCE KILLS wireless networks in unlicensed 5 GHz band. How to deal with it? How to ensure your network will perform with high throughput and stability? We will provide answers in this webinar! REGISTER HERE -
  23. Puede enviarnos algunas fotos de sus despliegues? Saludos
  24. Hi Dave, what you're asking about is completely sane and understandable. Our online tool however has not grown to be a 'planner' yet, it's a mere calculator, and it's a free tool. Thank you for your feedback, sometime in the future it is possible we will implement multi AP version, until then, if you have any further feedback, please share it!
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