Ultradishes 30+ dBi?

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I am wondering are there any plans for larger Ultradishes? The TP-550 is indeed a great antenna, but in some cases it may be insufficient. I'm thinking about ~90 cm dish or so.

On the other hand, I have recently bought 32 dBi dish from other vendor, but the order and the antenna was actually a total disaster. I returned it immediately…

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Hello, that's exactly what I would like. At PtP Links we use the TP400 for shorter distances up to 20km, and the TP550 for distances up to 70km. For longer distances we don't have any RF elements, some use Jirous mirrors up to 1200mm. It would be nice to have something from RFelements, 900mm would be great. In addition, I would like shields or radoms to protect the TPxxx even better from the weather.






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