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  1. @SamBradshaw- Horns are a possibility for 3GHz LTE. We are looking into solutions for that band, just not sure if it will be Horns at this time.
  2. @neteng- I have not seen many people actually use the NxN in general. I see no reason why it would not work with our Horn, its just not made to attach to it directly. Can I ask what you are using it for and if you have used it before? What are you trying to achieve?
  3. @AniaDeely - I don't understand your question? Also, are you using our Horns or other MFGs sectors?
  4. @DD3JI- That's awesome! I run MikroTik myself and love the performance and functions personally...
  5. @DD3JI- Glad to hear you are happy with the performance. What MikroTik board are you running and what kind of speeds you seeing?
  6. @mrtn- The adapter is in the front of our road map for new products. No ETA to give at the moment, but we are working on it.
  7. @Nick- Thats a dense setup! I like it. Hows the performance? Channel reuse or GPS Sync?
  8. @kbulczynski- Nice picture. Thanks for sharing your install! How are you liking the performance with MikroTik?
  9. @mhoward- They are not discontinued, just temporary delayed supplies. Did you try our stock locator to look at global stock? Might be out in your region, but available in others. Have a look here: https://rfelements.com/stock-locator/
  10. @skydrol- At the moment that is the only way. I personally use the Laird ECS with the RBC. Its a pain, but it works. We will look at the design and see if it can be improved to make it more robust.
  11. @laithmikrotik- In general terms what you are asking is correct but its half power in dBm. So if the radio is set to 30dBm in TX power then you will get half power to each chain which is -3db less, so 27dBm to each chain not 15dBm. DBs are measured in the log scale and are not measured in the linear scale, so half power is 3db less and 1/4 power is 6db less and so on. Does that make sense? Again, the specific manufacturer (MFG) might do something different, or perhaps their radio might have different capabilities, so you need to ask them, but in general in a MIMO type radio, the power is split between chains.
  12. @laithmikrotik- I'm not sure as all MFGs might do some different things. Its best to ask the MFG of the radio you want to use if that is how it works. We don't make the radios, just kick ass antennas to make them sing
  13. @n21roadie- Nothing that supports 3 chains, but if you only want to use 2 chains, then our RouterBoard TwistPort adapter will work.
  14. @n21roadie- On the Asymmetrical Horns there is only one was to mount it. The long side should be vertical like you see in the pictures.