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  1. ..now I know where those range figures displayed on some wireless products come from
  2. Welcome to RF elements brand! How do you like the performance?
  3. Ano zaznam bude k dispozicii . vypublikujeme niekedy v priebehu buduceho tyzdna. Ak sledujete nas youtube kanal tak by vas mala upozornit notifikacia.
  4. For other users that may have similar questions: the only guidance is not having them right under the upper radio. Typically you try to criss cross them so the radios are furthest apart when under another. For example of a 3 radio stack the top will point to the NW, the middle will point N and the bottom will point NE. I know that is rough angles to make the point, but it's common practice. Also, if you have the vertical space, giving them a foot or 2 between horns on a vertical stack should help. You also always have the ability to not mount the GPS puck in the adapter, but I know bein
  5. Richard - what is your requirement on ingress protection?
  6. The antennas on the picture are installed as 30° azimuth and 20° elevation. Nice horny install btw How do you like the performance?
  7. vdaka za hint, uz sme zareagovali aj na ISP fore o probleme vieme, este stale ho skumame. S velkou pravdepodobnostou islo o skrytu vyrobnu vadu sposobenu vyrobcom. Ked to skumanie dokoncime, dame ucelenu informaciu. Prasknuty radom uznavame ako RMA, distributori maju o tom informacie aj nahrady, ak by sa vyskytol nejaky kus tak sa treba obratit na predajcu a reklamaciu obratom vyriesime.
  8. JT

    EPMP 3k

    I do not see a reason why not. Just mount two horns side by side and test it.
  9. JT

    EPMP 3k

    Are you currently using 3k or just planning? You can use two horns overlapping as 4x4 or not overlapping as two separate sectors, if radio supports that scenario.
  10. JT

    EPMP 3k

    we support ePMP 3000L and CSM by dedicated TP-A https://rfelements.com/products/wireless-broadband/twistport-adaptor-for-epmp/twistport-adaptor-3/ For 3000 with 4 chains: use two horns
  11. 2xN-f TP-A is not on the list of priorities. just use jumpers with appropriate connector setup.
  12. we looked into this long time ago.. long story short: amount of metal on the tower will confuse regular compass.
  13. JT

    Beam resolution

    Beam resolution displays antenna radiation beam width at -3db, -6dB or -12dB decrease from max (bore sight) gain.
  14. Very sane requirement but not easy to achieve.. That is all I can say at the moment