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Hello, I would like to ask why RFE products are so difficult to deliver in Germany? Weeks ago I ordered 4 RFE TP400s from my wholesaler Varia-Store that are not available. On request when the earliest date would be, mid-May 2021, but the date would not be certain. RFE itself would rather keep a low profile in making reliable statements about the ability to deliver. This is a shame because I install many RFE products and also want to install them.

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Hello, the UltraDishes are in high demand right now, and the global logistics and supply chain slow down is complicating the deliveries in Europe and everywhere else. Sorry for the inconvenience, we do what we can so our products are available, thank you for patience. 

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Now I have waited 2 months for the mirrors, the delivery of RFelements has been confirmed and rescheduled twice. Now I get the message from my dealer VARIA-STORE that the TP400 are no longer available from you 😞


Unfortunately we were informed by the manufacturer that item ULD-TP-400-4PACK - can no longer be delivered. We have therefore removed the item from the order and we apologize for any inconvenience.


Isn't that really true? What do i do now I need the things urgently!


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Hello, I am really sorry for the inconvenience, I understand it is frustrating to wait so long just to receive such message. 

Good news though - we released an updated version of the UltraDish antennas, which is why they don't have the old version anymore. Please search for UD-TP-21, UD-TP-24, or UD-TP-27 - we now have 3 dishes to choose from, and Varia has them in stock. 

You can also check this video to learn about the updates: 


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Thank you for the quick reply, it is generally praiseworthy that you update the products, but I could have been told that in my first entry.

VARIA-Store has also received two replies from you that the delivery deadline has been postponed and that the articles have not been canceled.

So I truthfully conveyed this to my customer and not referred to a new product.

In addition, the new products are also more expensive than my offer, which I received from VARIA-Store and was calculated.

When I order 4 mirrors, that's an extra price of 79 € for the UD-TP24 successor to the old TP400.

Who will pay the additional costs now?



or do the additional costs stick with me?

I have already installed so many RFE products over the years, but now I am honestly disappointed with this bad information.

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@DD3JI: I am sorry that you have so many troubles with the simple purchase. There is a some confusion here, please let me clarify. 

- at the time you were asking, TP-400 were not available at manufacturer and the were discontinued week later. ALL our distributors got this information from us on time. 

- I highly doubt Varia received misleading information from RF elements.

- we released new products day after we answered your question here. So here is our mistake, we should do this better and refer you to (at hat time upcoming) announcement rather than provide universal excuse (which is unfortunately very much on point for all the product shortages these days). We are sorry for this mistake on our end. We will do better job next time.

- it is possible to get TP400 unless you insist it should be from Varia store. TP400s are still on stock with stocking resellers, we can help you locate the product and get it shipped to your address asap. Example here in Slovakia and for action price: https://www.tesshop.sk/rf-elements-uld-tp-400-1-pack-ultradish-antena-5ghz-24dbi-400mm-7-twistport_d3787.html (confirmed they have 10 units on stock at the time I write this). Please shoot me PM if you need our assistance with this purchase.

Hope this will help you solve your problem


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I would like to say thank you very much for the support RFelements has in solving my delivery problem.

I now have all the parts and would like to mention that I have not yet experienced such support from a manufacturer and that I find it perfect in our world today.

Many thanks to RFelements!

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