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  1. Then Symmetrical series and Asymmetrical series are the ones you should check out
  2. Any RF elements horn will work with ePMP 2000, or ePMP 3000 L and ePMP Force 300 CSM (the two connector versions of ePMP 3000). Also four connector ePMP 3000 can be used with horns - two N-female connectorized ones or two TwistPort horns with SMA adaptors. Depends on the application which one you go with. What link are you trying to build, PtP, or PtMP? What is the distance?
  3. Tom

    MikroExpo 2019

    Come to meet us at MikroExpo 2019 in Uherske Hradiste, Czech Republic - the biggest (W)ISP event in Czech Republic! Pridte sa pozriet na anteny RF elements na MikroExpo 2019 v Uherskom Hradisti - najvacsom podujati pre poskytovatelov internetu v CR! More information here / viac informacii tu:
  4. In this short video you will learn why radiation patterns of antennas not stable over whole band width of operation.
  5. Tom

    Side lobes

    Wondering what side lobes are and if they are harmful to your WISP network? In this short video you will learn about Side Lobes, Front to Back (FtB) ratio and side lobe level (SLL). #InsideWireless #SideLobes #RadiationDiagrams #Antennas #RFelements #SaveSpectrum #Education #Make5GHzGreatAgain
  6. I don't think this is a direction we want to go with our products. Putting several horns into one enclosure brings more problems than benefits, so the trade off is not worth the effort.
  7. Thanks for sharing @DD3JI and @janusz.zmijewski nice pics!
  8. All 3D print files are attached here, download, print, and enjoy!
  9. until
    Come see RF elements products at ICT Solutions Day 2019 AGENDA HERE:
  10. until
    REGISTER HERE: As part of RFE On Tour, ISP Supplies is hosting a Lunch-N-Learn with Tasos from RF Elements! Agenda 9:30a - 10:00a - Registration 10:00a - 11:00a - Antenna product overview 11:00a - 11:15a - Coffee break 11:15a - 12:00p - Noise rejection 12:00p - 1:30p - Lunch 1:30p - 2:15p - Increasing throughput 2:15p - 2:30p - Coffee break 2:30p - 3:15p - Migration to HORNS 3:15p - 4:00p - Discussion
  11. until
    REGISTRATION LINK: Join DoubleRadius, Cambium Networks, and RF elements for an informative event focused on helping Service Providers improve wireless network performance! The following topics will be covered as we explore the platforms and technologies outlined on the agenda below: CAMBIUM NETWORKS SESSION: Achieving spectral efficiency, coverage, capacity, and reliable wireless connectivity. Designing high capacity networks capable of simultaneously supporting streaming video, video surveillance, voice calls, and data. Applications for licensed and unlicensed spectrum. RF ELEMENTS SESSION: Addressing the issue of RF pollution, proper use of spectrum and sustainable growth. Unique antenna and connector technology that delivers fast, massively scalable wireless.
  12. In this video you will learn how to read radiation diagrams and better understand your spec sheets. #InsideWireless #PolarPlots #RadiationDiagrams #Antennas #RFelements #SaveSpectrum #Education #Make5GHzGreatAgain