Circular polarization TP-adaptor?


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I know it is a bit late for a christmas wish, but 😎
We need some antennas in 5 GHz that have circular polarization.
Would it be possible to make a TP-adaptor like that?
I suppose it is difficult to have both RHCP and LHCP in one adaptor/ antenna, so maybe one adaptor for each orientation?

That would really be great and help us a lot, as we could choose antenna according to each system we build.

A paper on how to make circularly pol antenna: Articles from Sensors (Basel, Switzerland) at National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine 8600 Rockville Pike, Bethesda MD, 20894 USA

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We are surrounded by water and oceans, so we struggle quite a lot with reflections and variable signal due to high and low tide.
Our most difficult links are those out to salmon farms at sea. Using our regular patch-antennas is just a nightmare, and regular RF-element antennas are not much better.
So we want to try out cir.pol in an effort to try to minimise the negative effect of reflected signals. 

Would it be possible to make some TP-adaptors for us to test, or is it too much R&D and production costs?
I don't of course know how big a market it would be for this variant, but the amount of offshore fish farms is growing fast her i Norway.
I guess Scotland, Chile, Alaska and more have the same situation. And the latest now is algae farms at sea!
And with the demand to transfer live video feeds for 10-15 full HD-cameras and fish feeding system controls to/ from each location, means we need dependable Mb-radio-links all over the place.😅🤗 

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You're right, the Fresnel zone reflections are not a problem for circularly polarized setup. It is possible to make a TPA with circular polarization, but as of now we do not plan that. You guessed it right - it's all about the MOQ vs profitability when it comes to mass production. 

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