LTE horn antenna for 1700-2600MHz?


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Would it be possible to get horn antenna tuned for LTE bands between 1700-2600MHz? Think that it would only need suitable tuned Twistport adapter. Interference is big problem with fixed LTE installations and there is no good quality antennas anywhere with good front/back ratio and interference shielding from sides. Usually fixed sites sees multiple base stations with same frequencies and that will reduce SINR. So it's not about dBi, it's about interference.


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What you suggest would not work - our horn antennas are designed for 5 GHz band, changing the TwistPort adaptor would not make them work in the band you mentioned because of the physics of the feeding waveguide which has cutoff frequency around 4.8 GHz. Any signal below 4.8 GHz will be reflected from the antenna port. 

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