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    • On 5/14/2018 at 9:13 AM, Fero_RFE said:



      All Distributors who had listed them, removed this Adaptor, Q2 is now 2/3 gone....

      please tell us if we can Plan with this Adaptor this Summer?

      Edited by mistry7
    • 3 hours ago, Dritan Vreshta said:

      For the interested one here it is a discussion on Mikrotik forum 


      yeah, I know this thread.. well, what I can say is MikroTik is trying to complete their old homework in wireless, fixing the lack of performance, radio issues and deliver improvements that are demanded by MikroTik user base, which is generally positive thing and thumbs up to MikroTik team.


      10 hours ago, Dritan Vreshta said:

      Not at all but user are reporting different behaviour in different networks. 

      I assume that results are very much depended from different kind of antennas that's why I want to know if some RF Elements users have different results for different NV2 settings 


      Considering how heterogenic is the antenna tech included in tik´s own products and what 3rd party antenna products are used by the most of the mikrotik market (clearly focused on low cost segment), you are probably right with your assumption. All I can say is that with our horns you are using the best sector antenna system on the market that provides excellent SNR to any connected radio - before or after NV2 upgrade.

      Of course, if there are forum members who already used the setup, please feel free to share the feedback.