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    • I moved it to correct section (TwistPort™ products) 30° Horns have enough gain to cross multiples of distances than you tested them for. Current 3-6 km you can comfortably handle with much less than 18 dBi, basically any of our Horn antennas can do that.  The goal is to increase peak throughput for the area without necessity to replace CPEs. Generally speaking, you can use Horns with purpose of either selective offloading your current APs / or more aggressively scale into high density of co-located narrow beam sectors. Before we give you any particular answer or advise to your problem, can you provide us any more details about how dense the CPEs are / how many on current AP(s) / screenshots / GPS data ("one picture is worth of 1000 words") , so we have clear understanding of the situation? Or if you prefer to keep the data off the public and take it offline, shoot PM to Mike or myself and we can follow up in private messages / emails.    
    • Good afternoon, I have a scenario that quiciera improve:
      I ubiquitis prism with antennas AM5AC2160, my clients are between 3 and 6 km, connecting from -55 to -68 dBm and sell them internet 6 and 12 megs, the CPE are litebeam ac, the bandwidth reaches them without any problem to cleintes but on weekends the signal quality is maintained but if bandwidth, the tower area is clean, but customers being a community without internet I meet several suppliers and see that all demand bandwidth on all weekends cluttering the air-side customers if this saturated signal, expensive would come out changing technology because I have 100+ customers, andube investigating and say the horn type antennas help in these scenarios but what worries me is that choosing antenna, which would give me a distance of 90 °, 60 ° and 30 ° with the teams I mentioned. and e tested 30 ° maximum 2km and works great, but here the distance is critical and deliver the service contracted by the client. Please I ask for distances would you consider the 3 antennas because I have several scenarios in which there is greater distance should be covered. Greetings and thank your your time.
    • TwistPort™ Adaptor for Rocket 5AC Prism is now available with ultra-wideband performance: 5180MHz - 6400MHz. Check our stock locator where you can but it.
    • Frank, we just announced our new UltraDish™ TP and UltraHorn™ TP antennas last week, a solution to point-to-point links. UltraHorn TP Antennas are perfect for deployment in high interference environment. Check this post. 
    • MimCom, we just announced last week our new UltraHorn™ TP series, horn antennas with narrow beamwidth, perfect for point-to-point links. Check this post. 
    • TwistPort™ Adaptor for Rocket 5AC Prism or any other TwistPort™ Adaptors branded as "V2" now support full 5GHz band and more, 5180MHz - 6400MHz.