New L11UG-5HaxD Wi-Fi 6

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Mikrotik produces the new L11UG-5HaxD Wi-Fi 6 5ghz ax routerboard mounted on a cooling plate. Which TwistPort adapter we can use, TPA-RBC maybe is small and doesn't dissipate heat?


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Roberto - to answer your question we would need to review the physical sample. So far we see that the product will be commercially available sometimes mid March..?

The large heatsink is a potential issue just by looking at it, so I understand your question. We will try to get some more info sooner than in March and will post here. It is definitely on our list.

edit: we expect to have the board in the week starting 19th Feb 

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We have the board and can confirm it will not fit any of our current enclosures with TwistPort. The heatsink is simply too tall. We will now look into a new solution and keep you updated on the process.

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on RBP, we are fine tuning the 3D printable part. This is one of the work in progress versions - not a final one. 

we also consider an easier to print version that does not require support material.

we will make 3d data of finished solutions available this week.




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