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    • Hey Joe, I understand,  the cast signs can be confusing. Thank you for the feedback, we are always looking for ways to make our products easier to use. I will forward your suggestions to our development team. 
    • It is not. The Twin Horn Bracket is only usable with Symmetrical horns, both TwistPort and Carrier Class version.
    • Para esa distancia puedes usar el UltraDish TP-400 como bien simulaste al inicio, pero el tema importante es que la ganancia no lo es todo. Para lograr un enlace satisfactorio y cumplir con lo que deseas hay que analizar los parámetros que intervenen en el: potencia TX, ganancia de/los CPEs, estado del espectro, altura, línea de vista, entre otros. En tu caso, sería importante conocer el estado del espectro, pero, respondiendo a tu pregunta directamente: Tanto el UltraDish 400 como el 550 te vienen bien. Gracias, Jorge.
    • The twin bracket says it connects 2 symmetrical horns to be used with ePMP 3000. Is it possible to use this with 2 asymmetrical horns?
    • I understand what you are saying. An engineer/developer has had a product in his mind for months/years. He can put it together in his sleep, and can imagine it from every possible perspective. Tower climbers get paid BIG money by the hour because they are in great demand. But that means they tend to travel as light as possible, often in a compact off-road vehicles. They don't get to spend time back at the office, because that is time they are not on the clock getting paid. They have to be extremely intelligent if they are to survive. But sometimes all that means they may have done some pre-assembly on the cramped passenger seat of the truck.  Now please understand what I am saying. It is all about not changing perspective in the logical order of the instructions. To  choose the best perspective, starting with the tower or pole/mast was good, because they were there first. "Step 1 The antenna is pre-assembled for installation on the left side of the pole." No problem here. The orientation is good from the TwistPort end, which is naturally what the installer sees. Even the diagram is correct.  However, this model  is shipped without the handle attached, and the installer easily missed the fine-print "see Step 14" in the parts list, meaning the image wasn't that clear . So when the installer rolled the horn around, he saw: "BRACKET 30° L"  ...That single line unfortunately ties together the 3 parts: BRACKET -that is what he is attaching. 30°-that is the mode he wants. ...And then  L -that gets associated the perspective of the "left side of the pole" keyword this assembly was being thought of, so it incorrectly led him to pick that one. The Handle and the "30° TOP" were selected correctly just sequentially following pages to Step 14 in the manual. My suggestion is, for example on this side, the "BRACKET 30° L" line instead read either: a) "30° R OF POLE MNT"  to maintain consistent perspective relative to the pole throughout the assembly, or b) "30° LEFT SIDE" to be simply be consistent with the "30° TOP" marking. (Once TOP is correctly selected, this is kinda redundant) Either one makes it clear what L or R is being referred to.  :) I've learned over the years, because of the difficulty of their jobs, tower climbers have only one chance to get it right, so it's good when we can make their procedures as clear as possible ... otherwise they can't help but grumble in your ear when they have to juggle small bolts while swapping the bracket up on the tower. Best Regards ... Joe  :)