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    • Hello, I would like to ask why RFE products are so difficult to deliver in Germany? Weeks ago I ordered 4 RFE TP400s from my wholesaler Varia-Store that are not available. On request when the earliest date would be, mid-May 2021, but the date would not be certain. RFE itself would rather keep a low profile in making reliable statements about the ability to deliver. This is a shame because I install many RFE products and also want to install them.
    • Hello, the stickers on boxes were part of a promo that is long gone unfortunately, but I will shoot you a message and let's see what can we do
    • Hola. Creo que esta imagen le va a aclarar su pregunta. La izquierda muestra una superposición del ancho del haz de la antena en un mapa. Esta área azul realmente no representa la cobertura, simplemente muestra la sección de un círculo correspondiente al ángulo de ancho del haz de la antena en un mapa, pero nada más. La imagen de la derecha es lo más parecido a cómo se vería la cobertura, es decir, si las ondas electromagnéticas fueran visibles. ¿Con qué plataforma de radio usted pretende usar la UltraHorn? ¿Qué CPEs y qué capacidad pretende lograr? ¿Qué tal el estado del espectro?. Un saludo,
    • Registered here after seeing a sticker on an RF Elements box that claimed I’d get a free t-shirt upon registering. Never saw anything about a T-shirt during the registration process. Never got an email about a T-shirt. Didn’t even have to give my address so I know they aren’t gonna surprise me with a T-Shirt. They wouldn’t even know I wear a Large cuz I got a long waste. I feel played. Please reach out.