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Guest TomTech

Hi all

Were testing the Sector antennas with our Ubiquiti network in a PTMP configuration. What were wondering is what the best setting is on a Ubiquiti radio when using the 90 degree sector. I believe the antenna is a 10db antenna, but i would like to hear what others have used in their configs. At this time were having some trouble setting things up and could use the feedback.


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Well, were not having any real "troubles" the device is not aimed properly so that's the first thing we need to correct. our tower is 2000' above the valley floor which is why we went with these. Were using a Rocket M5-AC-Lite for testing. i can pick my frequencies but here in L.A. were super crowded on the 5800 bands so were trying DFS frequencies. My only question here is what do people set the antenna settings on the rockets to when using non UBNT antenna gear? i had trouble even finding out how many DB the antenna was. im assuming the 90° Sector SH-TP 5-90 is  a -10db antenna, so i have the radio set for that, but is that the "correct" setting or is this just sort of a play with it option?


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That antennas is 10db so that is what you need to put in the radio.  All the antenna specs are on our site including gain.  If you tell us the CPE distances from the tower we can help you calculate down-tilt if needed.  2000ft is very high so our null zone will be bigger then usual but still much much smaller then traditional antennas.

Please keep us informed of your progress.

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I just picked up a TwistPort 30 degree combined with a Rocket AC Prism.  This is my first TP and I am absolutely amazed by the size and look of it.  In the firmware of my Rocket it gives me option for 17 and 19 db.  The TP 30 specs state that it is 18 db.  I am hoping the Ubiquiti will give a 18 db option in a future upgrade but that is not a option now, at least from what I can see.  Which would be the better option to use between the 17 and 19 db?


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