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  1. I have had a bunch of bolts and nuts bond together and break. I would like to find out where I can buy the bolts and nuts so the I can get a bunch. If anyone know where I can get them, I would be grateful? Dan
  2. Been really busy lately but finally got the photos of a Gen 2 Prism on a TP. No difference between Gen 1 and Gen 2 as far as outside appearance from what I have scene.
  3. Chad, testing the radio in the TP when it is not attached to the tower might tell you something. If it still trips the breaker when the radio is in the TP and the TP is not attached to the tower, there may be something else wrong.
  4. The Rocket Prism Gen 2 fit and work perfectly in the TP.
  5. Thanks JT. I have a few of these coming in. Will be great to see how well they work on the TP.
  6. Does anyone know if there is any design difference in the new Ubiquiti Prism AC Gen 2 radios and if they will attach to the current Prism AC radio TP adapters?
  7. Thanks Mike. In a rural setting where there is almost no interference, what would be a good guess of what I might see using a UH with a AF-5X at 8 miles?
  8. @dlaw Thanks and what an amazing price. One of the cheapest solutions out there.
  9. @dlaw, I love how you have done the setup on your tower and I really am liking the brackets that attach to the tower. I am going to do my first TP setup soon and would like to do something similar to how you setup your tower. Where might I find the brackets like what you are using in the pics above? Thanks Dan
  10. I know they are not out yet but would like to know what the pros and cons would be if I were to upgrade from a AF‑5G34‑S45 to a UH? I am mainly curious if I had a UH combined with a AF-5X if I would notice interference running this along with my other 5 GHz APs? I would also have this mounted at least 10 feet lower on the tower. Also what type of distance is a safe max for this? Dan
  11. I just picked up a TwistPort 30 degree combined with a Rocket AC Prism. This is my first TP and I am absolutely amazed by the size and look of it. In the firmware of my Rocket it gives me option for 17 and 19 db. The TP 30 specs state that it is 18 db. I am hoping the Ubiquiti will give a 18 db option in a future upgrade but that is not a option now, at least from what I can see. Which would be the better option to use between the 17 and 19 db? Dan
  12. I am going to put up a new Trylon 80' tower in April and plan on using the TwistPorts on this one for the first time. I am a little concerned about reach as I am really high on a mountain with stuff below it and far out. I am going to attach a map with the sector plan. The GPS is 46.159300, -115.979612 for those that can look it up in the 3D view on Google maps and give me any suggestions. I am mostly concerned about coverage between the green lines on the attached map. I would be grateful for any help on this as mistakes cost greatly. Also if anyone has suggestions on sector arrangement
  13. Thanks JT for the fast reply. I am going to be using the R5AC-Lite. The Mimosa is also a option. I was looking at the TP Horns and they look great. If that is what you say works best, then that is what I will use. I was thinking that they CC Horns would be a little more robust over the TP. I was thinking that the CC would be nice to use since I can also get lower spectrums out of them. Dan
  14. I am expanding my network and would like to use your carrier class SH-CC-5-30 product with Ubiquiti AC radios and would like to know exactly what I need? Since the radio does not attach to the antenna, what do I put the radio in and then attach it to the antenna? I have only used Ubiquiti products and would like to branch out to better products like yours. Thanks for your time. Dan