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  1. I would probably pick 19 dBi option, considering that Horn + TP-A have less connection loss vs antennas with coax connectors and jumpers.
  2. Looking the specs - HAP AC looks to be identical with RB751. In such case it will fit SBX INSPOT without problems. We will update online information about compatibility. Thanks for reminding us about it
  3. Zdravim Marian, niekedy davno sme takymto napadom (a aj inymi podobnymi napadmi) zaoberali. Rozhranie miniPCIe je velmi specificke a nie je na tento sposob "predlzovania" vhodne.
  4. We only can assume that it was most probably older stock. If you still need help with sourcing the pigtails, just let us know.
  5. To have a third party OS embedded in our product, we have to have an agreement with that vendor, covering a lot more than just license fees. As regards us, we have always been and still are very interested in having RouterOS powered Simper radios, irrelevant if it's our integrated or modular Simper design. So far I can tell you, no agreement for using RouterOS is in place. Let´s be perfectly clear, right now, all options for RouterOS in Simper are upon decision of MikroTik. As a MikroTik customer, most probably you could direct such requests to MikroTik and tell them that you want to use RouterOS powered Simper radio. I can ensure you, that RF elements is interested for that option without a doubt. TDMA is proprietary, so again, it is difficult to blame new manufacturers for not being compatible with main market players. Every established manufacturer is very protective of its install base and is naturally trying to lock its customers by not to being compatible across platforms basically on anything. It is all on those who own existing proprietary TDMA. Again, probably it may help, if they hear your voice. ...and the same thing goes for Sync I can imagine, one functional sync across all major platforms would be a nice thing to have. ..or better said, to dream about Btw, speaking about compatibility, our approach is fairly different from other manufacturers. Example: We would offer a royalty and support on TwistPort™ to other radio manufacturers, so they are able to design their radios with TwistPort™ connector and be perfectly compatible with all TwistPort™ antennas. I would think this is a very different approach from the rest of the market and people see it as an almost heretic approach (lunatic, if you wish), but we are very very serious with this as we believe TwistPort™ is a game changer for this industry.