Got issues with 30deg sector


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I've got issues with a SH-TP 5-30 twist port on one of our sites.  The sector in question is being seen at -90db by customers only 3mi away, when according to the site calculator and our math the customer should be seeing the sector at a minimum of -70db.  We have re seeded the twist port, aimed the sector directly at the customer and are programming up a new radio just in case it's not the antenna in question (if that's the case sorry about crying wolf).  Is there anything else that can be done after these steps are taken or any know manufacturing defects that are known?  We have 70 of these antennas deployed and would like to expand with the product.

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For sure this is not normal, so please check the basic checkpoints - Radio, TP-A (swap with another unit if you can), aiming of an antenna. Note that this is pretty narrow and really sharp beam. Also make sure that radio sits well in the TP-A, it should make "click" sound

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