Dual Band - 2.4 / 5.8 antenna

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Hey all, 

I wonder whether there may be some idea's in the pipeline for a dual band antenna for 2.4GHz + 5.8GHz but only using 2 antenna SMA connections
Example: Ubiquiti UMA-D for the UniFi UAP AC Mesh access point

Point being, is that there isn't many antenna's (currently) which are 2x2 MiMo but Dual band only using 2x SMA connectors, 

There are a high number of dual band antenna's but they generally require 2 radio's as there is 4 ports (2 for each band for H+V)

It would be great to see one from RFE either as a slightly better sector version than the Ubiquiti one (which is 90 degree H+V 10dBi for 2.4GHz and only 45 degree H+V 15dBi for 5.8GHz) or perhaps a nice Dual Band 2x2 MiMo Omni if its feasible 



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5 hours ago, LONNY said:




Creo que te refieres a las antenas cornetas simétricas, no? Si es así pues no, no tenemos antenas cornetas simétricas en la banda de los 2.4GHz, solo en 5GHz.

Te dejo acá el enlace para que conozcas más sobre nuestras antenas cornetas simétricas - http://bit.ly/2XGpYe7

Un saludo cordial,


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