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Hi boys have quick maybe simple question, can you demonstrate on video for us how to unplug quickly cat5 when u on 15 meters mast in pissing rain without Hex key  and make sure water wont damage RB while she will be still powered up? In old V2 there was no issue lift plastic cover unplug cat5 replace quickly new twist port and off you go . i sort of  cant figure out how to do it with new twist port.

maybe i am just to dumm :D

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We are having the exact same issue, the new rbc looks a lot sturdier than the previous one, but the passtrough makes plugging-unplugging a real pain.

I tried finding some coupling that would work well with the 922 without any success.

We did a somewhat janky setup on a test location with a laird rj45-ecs in the passtrough, so that we have a functionnal connector outside the box, functional but somewhat scary :D

If anyone has a good solution that would make me reeaaal happy!

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