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  1. Another PtP link with ultradish now for 20 KM
  2. waste of time to get original screws i had the issue last week that bolt got stuck, take me 2 min to cut the old bolt and replace it with normal roofer bolt with square on the end , working perfect cost me 2 euro and i saved on shipping and waiting time
  3. Agree with you but overall quality is better , it is more compact , and so far wehaving better results then old TP , and i fount the way how to take out cable without opening the box
  4. Hi all I'm having RF elements products for long time now , and i cant be more happier , when it comes to PTP or PTMP every one of the antennas working great , obviously it takes time to tune is and find the best settings but end result is brilliant, recently i was replacing PTP for about 10 miles, we tried MikroTik antennas , Jirous antennas etc non of them worked due to high noise and i don't even know what anyway the main point is replaced mikrotik antennas for RF elements UltraDishTM TP 550 and this is the result. I am not saying this is perfect because i know many of you will be crit
  5. Hi boys have quick maybe simple question, can you demonstrate on video for us how to unplug quickly cat5 when u on 15 meters mast in pissing rain without Hex key and make sure water wont damage RB while she will be still powered up? In old V2 there was no issue lift plastic cover unplug cat5 replace quickly new twist port and off you go . i sort of cant figure out how to do it with new twist port. maybe i am just to dumm