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I have some question about your StationBox ALU enclosures.

- For IP66 rating you write, in your web site, that it need to sealing the drain hole. It is sufficient to seal this hole with silicon? Why you made this hole in the enclosure if to achieve IP66 rating we need to filled it?

- For IP66 rating we can employ your  red rubbery covers/plugs that filled the N-cutout holes in a front panel of enclosure? We will use only some of these holes for N connector. If the answer at this question is not, can you suggest some items to fill the cutout for N connector to maintain the IP66 rating?

- We need to use two holes for cable gland (one for RJ45 waterproof Ethernet connector and another for DC power supply). It is possible to order StationBox Alu with one rounded hole with specific diameter  in place of one for N cutout? 

Many thanks for your support.

Best Regards



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Hi Francesco, to your questions:

- the drain hole is there to protect the inside from condensed water. By sealing it with silicon properly, it will be IP66 rated - the hole is small enough.

- yes the red plugs provide IP66 rating

- more on this in the private message just sent

Best regards

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Tom, I am looking for this discontinued model + some customization options.

The customization is similar to the query above - DC input option and RJ45. 

Also, my internal electronics dissipates up to 100W - will the box support this. Also, are there larger boxes available. 



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