UItrahorn PTMP?


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We use the rf elements horns and love them but on some sites we have high density of customers about 7km from towers on hills etc. I was looking for a very narrow sector with good gain, but i came across the Ultrahorn 24. I have broken areas down into 10 degree blocks with good density still, currently we are using ubnt AC45 sectors as even 30 degree horns were just a tad weak.

I cant see an issue with it just wondering if anyone has any feedback.


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@Sam- Thanks for the post and great question!  The UltraHorn will work like our other Horns as VERY NARROW PtMP sectors or for regular 1to1 PtP links.  We don't have any feedback from users as they have not arrived at Distributors yet, but be sure they will work just like the 30deg Horn but with more gain and narrower beam.

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@Tommaso  People have started posting results on Facebook and they are good.

You can see some here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/188098974946678/permalink/423847944705112/

And here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/wisppics/permalink/1913650725335562/

They work perfect just like our smaller Symmetrical Horns.  Just more gain and more narrow beam.  You need to try it :)


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