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Hi.I have now on tower two sector antennas,one is from ubnt AM-5G-20,second is SCC 5G-17,I won to replace AM-5G-20 with SH-TP 5-30 I see on installation guide for twist port  frequency for rocket m5 5400-5900,and antenna is 5180-6400?What frequency I can have?

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Early version of TP-A for Rocket M5 were tuned in 5400-up. They were soon replaced by version marked "V2" which covers also lower 5 GHz spectrum so they work 5180 MHz -up. Horn Antennas work 5180-up. So if you use first generation of TP-A, it will limit the performance of Sector to 5400 MHz as stated in its specs. 

Check what part number of TP-A you have. This is the one you need if you want to go below 5400 MHz: 

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Thanks.I were confused because in installation guide for TP-A V2 write, freq 5400-5900,I don't check datasheet.One more time thanks.With SCC 5G-17 I see chain H/V is difrent then AM-5G-20,can You tell if I must change on Rocket M5(chain 0 on vertikal and chain 1 on hirizontal?)

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