about UltraHornTM TP 5-24 and 90° Sector SH-TP 5-90

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hi sir 

This is Srishti Broadband, we are one of the wireless internet Service Providers in India. now we are using rf element base station sector antenna with microtik  basebox 5. now we heard about the UltraHornTM TP 5-24 and 90° Sector SH-TP 5-90 and can i know abot the details.

1. Ultra HornTM TP 5-24 and 90° Sector SH-TP 5-90, how much distance signals are through.

2.we are providing point to point link ,UltraHornTM TP 5-24 and 90° Sector SH-TP 5-90 among those which one is best.

3.when twist port adapter released for microtik routerboard basebox 5

4 UltraHornTM TP 5-24, it is 120 degree or 90 degree or 60 degree antenna


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