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  1. Thank you. Can distributors currently place orders for the TP-ADAP-IS?
  2. After a long wait, it looks like the UltraDishes are almost here. We would love to try them with PrismStations -- any ETA for these adapters? thank you~
  3. Just confirmed that the 'wings' on the NS-5AC-L are smaller. Production units should be available soon.
  4. Will the NB-LOCOM work with the new NS-5AC-L (loco)? thank you~
  5. These were shown at WISPApalooza. Thank you! BTW, nice job flattening out the curve on the UH-TP-5-24. I'll bet that took some serious work.
  6. Streakwave has them up with a price. I should mention that 'orderable' did not imply 'shippable.'
  7. Topic was merged with one about UltraHorn availability awhile back, but the subject still refers only to UltraDishes. I see no listings at resellers yet for UltraHorns, (though the TP-ADAP-AF-5X is now shown as orderable). Just curious if there is a timeline for US availability? thank you~
  8. Thank you. We are especially looking forward to trying the UltraHorns in rural PtMP applications.
  9. Perhaps imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Whatever the case, Ubiquiti has a waveguide-equipped Prism radio and a small range of horn antennas. Please consider offering a throat adapter which will allow us to use these with the RFE UltraHorns and UltraDishes. thank you~
  10. US distributors are showing them on order. Looking forward to trying these out once the AF-5X adapters are available. Is there a radome available for the 550? Also wondering if larger diameter models of UltraDish TP will be offered at some point?
  11. A TwistPort spotting scope would truly be awesome to have, especially once the UltraHorns hit.
  12. Really looking forward to trying these out as PtMP access points.
  13. Curious about estimated availability for the TP400 & TP550 in the US. ISTR some mention of late 2016 at WISPApalooza. thank you~