TwistPort Rocket M5, no signal / no link

john brown

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Hi,  Just tried our first install with a SH-TP-5-30 connected to a Rocket M5 via a twistport for the M5 (NOT v2)

Client side: UBNT NB-25

Distance: 3.1 miles

Clear LOS

Unable to receive any signal from the SH-TP 5-30 via the NB-25

Tried various 10, 20, 40 Mhz to play with spectral density, and various power levels

Installed a Rocket Dish 30 at AP side (same as where SH-TP is located).

Fine tuned to -49/-50 with noise floor of -95

Thus validating that the NB-25 and the Rocket M5 both work, that the distance is fine and that

noise levels are not an issue.


I can only assume

a) we did something stupid

b) defective part(s)


Thoughts ??

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welcome on Does the Rocket slide inside the adaptor properly? Could you please send me the photo of the adaptor with and without the radio to PM?

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