Overlapping 30 Degrees EPMP GPS SYNC

Guest PCaddict

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Guest PCaddict

Im working on a contract to connect 1000 clients in a area of 2km per 1.5km with fiber down the tower. We try to find the best place to get clients over 360 degrees but in the real world is more complicated than that :) The terrain is flat , no obstacle , house same height and mountain on three side and a bay on the other side. So i wanna know if i can overlap 30 degrees symmetrical and if i do it how much space and band separation i need. My idea is use when i overlap 5.8 for away client and 5.1-5.2 for near client(now i see twistport2 wideband). And reuse back to back at 180 degrees... but i have no clue how far to get the ap... And i will add a omni on top for backup link if one of the 30 degrees got problem...

Thanks in advance for advice


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Guest Mike

Guest PCaddict,

this seems to be perfect scenario for Symmetrical Sector Antennas. I will write you an email to get in touch with you and discuss it in more detail.

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