Antenna Beam Efficency + Deep Dish


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I asked another antenna supplier about beam efficency and they responded with results for 3 frequencies

5.1ghz 54%, 5.5ghz 63% , 5.9ghz 72%

My questions are 

(1) Is for UltraDishTM TP 550 with a "Beam Efficiency** 60%"  is this the highest percentage beam efficency the antenna can achieve?

(2) Is there any plans to have a deep dish design to reduce co-location interference or a dish shroud

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Hello there,

(1) Our Beam efficiency values are an average over the whole working bandwidth of an antenna (at 10 equidistant frequency points), so it is much more robust and reliable than what the other supplier gave you.

(2) So far no plan for a deep dish, nor shroud.

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