Reduced Noise Floor on HG3-TP-A60 60° using Mikrotik RMB11G + M11G miniPCIe


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I have noticed that on 3 X RF Elements TwistPort Adaptor RBC for RouterBoard+RF Elements HG3-TP-A60 60° + Mikrotik RMB11G + M11G miniPCIe there is reduced noise floor -60 ?

Also noticed if I leave the frequency usage run for say 30mins the -60 frequencies listed will increase up to 8 from 1 and vary from these numbers, I counted a total 20 X -60 listed (5200-6000 scan ) 

As there is 3 horns with same problem is there a design issue with the horns?





Screenshot 2020-11-20 at 12.50.06.png




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Hi, when there is 3 horns that are pointing in 3 different directions and have similar issues this is most confusing? 

(1) Why all at noise floor numbers at -60dBm, why not some at any other levels  ?

(2) A scan from a CPE pointing in same direction does NOT have any noise floor at -60dBm ?

(3) Of the 20 frequencies listed above at -60dBm only 3 are used on other AP's at the site the remaining 17 frequencies are not used?

(4) We have already replaced Mikrotik RMB11G + M11G and unfortunately same issue?

(5) I had posted the issue on Mikrotik forum and so far haven't got any replies to pin point the issue ( )

We have another horn at another site but as its in live production I will have to wait until traffic is reduced to do a frequency scan.


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I have done another Frequency usage from another site and once again Noise Floor of -60 (attached screenshot !) , i had to conduct a quick test as it was a live production site!

Something is seriously wrong with HG3-TP-A60 60° as this is occurring on 4 horns (3 at one site, 1 at another site) 

We also use Mikrotik RMB11G + M11G combination onto RF elements SEC-CC-5-17 sectors but once again they are in live production, so i will have to wait for off peak time to test!

Screenshot 2020-12-07 at 15.52.16.png

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I understand your situation - it is very strange to see a behavior like that and I am sorry you have to deal with this. From the antenna physics standpoint - there is no way the issue you're experiencing is caused by the antennas. A simple test would be replacing the antenna in question with anything you have - non RF elements antenna - and see if you're getting the similar result. If so, then you can be sure it is the radio.

The 5 MHz channel seeing -60 dBm noise while the neighboring channels see -95 dBm noise floor strongly point at the radio. Please do try the simple test and let us know about the progress / if MikroTik forum helps.

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Update - The -60dBm noise floor is appearing on all RF Elements Antenna's 60° + 30° + SEC-CC-5-17, at this stage I am thinking that the issue maybe a Mikrotik ROS software glitch because the -60dBm is appearing on live production devices and they are working flawlessly since put up in the spring this year,

I did some frequency tests

(1) 20Mhz scan : No -60dBm,

(2) 40Mhz scan: just 1 result -60dBm

(3) 80Mhz scan : 2 results -60dBm,

Back to Mikrotik support to comment on this issue?



80Mhz scan_.png

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