Symmetrical Horn TP Antenna Gen2 - .csv Files for Google Network Planner for Antenna Patterns

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Hey guys/gals, I am out here looking for the .csv Antenna pattern files so I can upload these products into Google Network Planner. I did find the .ant files for other programs, and honestly I didn't want to start tinkering with using the information if those files just to create my own without the knowledge of exactly what I am looking at.

If you guys/gals had a .csv files for these antennas if not all of your antennas for google network planner I bet it would help us all in the long run. Thank you for your time!

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Hello, do you know what format should the .csv data have? I mean the structure of the data inside the .csv file. Converting the .ant to .csv is possible, the question is, in what format Google expects the data to be.

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