TP380 / TP520 , where can you buy this in germany ?


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Where to buy in Germany Ultradish TP380 and TP 520 ?

All known merchant, OMG, VARIA, Meconet say not available

Need more antennas for the development of amateur radio network HAMNET

Gladly also a distributor of supplies to Germany



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we are out of stock on these and there will not be more of TP380/520. The next batch is scheduled for October and it will be the updated version - 2nd generation of TwistPort parabolic dishes.

We will try to locate if someone in Europe has some stock of TP380 next week - we have company summer holiday until Sunday 7th August, team is out of office having holiday.  

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we just announced our new UltraDish™ TP and UltraHorn™ TP antennas last week, a solution to point-to-point links. UltraHorn TP Antennas are perfect for deployment in high interference environment. Check this post

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