2GHz StationBox Mikro with RB 912UAG & R11e-2HPnD miniPCI-e card?

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Hello -

Will a Mikrotik RouterBoard 912UAG with a MikroTik R11e-2HPnD miniPCI-e card installed onto it fit into the 2GHz StationBox Mikro?  I would also need to mount the 2 antennas for the R11e, looks like I'd need to cut holes in the side for the cable & mount externally?  I was planning on using the MikroTik 2.4/5.8GHz 5.5dBi Omni MMCX kit for each of the two R11e antennas.


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add note re antennas for R11e
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Hello Joe,

Yes, RouterBoard 912UAG with a MikroTik R11e-2HPnD will fit inside the StationBox® Mikro. There are three holes from bottom side of StationBox® Mikro - one for the Ethernet cable and two premolded for other cables. In addition, there is also an option to connect omni antenna from bottom side if you drill a hole there.

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