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We're using your TPA-PAF (TwistPort™ Adaptor for Rocket Prism 5AC and airFiber® 5X) with your RF Elements 5GHz Gen2 Symmetrical Horn 30 Deg Sector Antennas. These are usually positioned on our poles 20 degrees apart e.g.
What we have noticed recently is GPS will not sync for radios (in particular the twistport adaptor/GPS antenna underneath the previous twistport adaptor/GPS antenna - blocking LOS to the sky) situated directly underneath their previous AP. 
This is assuming for example AP-A is on top of the pole, AP-B below that, and finally AP-C below AP-B.
I note ubiquity's guidelines on maintaining GPS sync are:
Note: Ensure that the GPS Antenna has clear line of sight to the sky for proper GPS reception.
Do you have a recommendations on how we should install multiple 30 degree horns with your twistport adaptors for optimal GPS sync? 
We have found through trial and error moving an AP so it's twistport adaptor/GPS antenna is not directly being blocked to the sky has helped with radios not achieving GPS sync, but wonder if you have a bearings guideline when stacking multiple radios/twistports/30 Deg horns.
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For other users that may have similar questions: the only guidance is not having them right under the upper radio. Typically you try to criss cross them so the radios are furthest apart when under another.  For example of a 3 radio stack the top will point to the NW, the middle will point N and the bottom will point NE.  I know that is rough angles to make the point, but it's common practice. Also, if you have the vertical space, giving them a foot or 2 between horns on a vertical stack should help.

You also always have the ability to not mount the GPS puck in the adapter, but I know being nice and protected in the adapter is ideal.

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