I don't have good results with Twinsport and ePMP2000

Luis Ezpeleta

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Install the twinsport for ePMP2000 and the truth is that the results are very poor, change 2 APs
thinking that the problem was the AP and I have the same result.

Twinsport : ePMP2000

Customer: Force 190

Distance: 1.1km 

Signal: -69dbm

Any suggestions.....



Tower Picture

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-20 at 9.19.48 AM.jpeg



CPE Customer 

Customer ePMP190.jpg

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-20 at 10.14.26 AM.jpeg

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@Luis Ezpeleta- Thank you for posting your issue. There are a few things that are unclear from what you posted and we will need a little more information. When you say the results are very poor can you please explain what are you compering it to?  Poorer then what?  This is so we can understand what you expected and why.

As to the setting you have, can you please share some AP settings screen shots like frequency, Distance, Spectrum analyzer disabled, SM Target RX level, and actual AP TX power as you have it listed in our link calculator with 28dBm TX which is not suggested for this or any other radio. Its very high. Also, can you confirm what FW version you are running on the ePMP2000 and if you are also using the Smart antenna with the Horn.Same goes for the SM side so Basically the main AP/SM settings pages :)

I attached a screen shot of your test with much lower TX power and also with the actual antenna gain of the Force 190 you are using. As you can see you should see about a -54 with lower TX power assuming this is actually LOS and no obstructions.  Please also confirm the AP height and CPE height as you have it listed as 30meters on the AP and 8 meters on the CPE.

2K Link.jpg

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