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I have a few twistport adapters designed for the R5AC-PTMP/PTP that have huge polarity signal mismatches (15+ dB difference between vertical and horizontal).  I'm assuming that one of the antenna connectors isn't making solid contact with the port inside the housing, but it seems that no matter how many times I try and reconnect it, the chain mismatch is still there.  Is there something else I can check?  Swapping out with another twistport adapter usually fixes the problem, but out of the 6 I have, 2 of them are giving me this mismatch.  Is there a recommended method of setting the R5AC into the adapter so this problem doesn't occur?

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Guest Mike


this might happens when the radio does not slide correctly inside the adaptor so make sure that you push the radio inside enough. If you still see the same problem, please send a RMA to your distributor and send me the photos in PM. Thanks

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