TPA-RBC incompatibility


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I've just received the latest RouterBoard TwistPort adaptor (TPA-RBC), but I can't fit any RB4xx board together with radio module.The product description says:



TwistPortTM Adaptor for RouterBoardTM is compatible with MikroTikTM RouterBOARDTM 9XX, 7XX and 4XX series, as well as with the recent M11 Series. 


Now I see that technical data section clarifies that only RB411L are compatible.



Radio Compatibility MikroTikTM: RouterBOARDTM RBM11G, RB91x, RB71x, RB411L


Well, OK. Let's try to put RB411L (actually RB411GL, but the miniPCI slot is in the same place) together with…

- SR71-15


- R52Hn


- R52HnD


Unfortunately, all of them are oversized.

I think that listing the RB4xx boards as compatible with TPA-RBC is inappropriate.
Of course, one can use the board, but it is useless without any 2x2 MIMO radio...

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