Mount Bolt and Nut - Where to Buy

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We are currently in process of shipping replacement parts /screws, radomes, bracket clamps/ to our Master distributors. I think in Europe they will be receiving it and ready next week, overseas sometimes third week of July.

Seizing is an inherent issue when using stainless steel hardware. To prevent seizing to a minimum, use Loctite 8009 or any similar anti seize lubricant. Loctite 8009 shall be globally available.

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waste of time to get original screws i had the issue last week that bolt got stuck, take me 2 min to cut the old bolt and replace it with normal roofer bolt with square on the end , working perfect cost me 2 euro :D and i saved on shipping and waiting time

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Same problem here. I installed the antenna on a tripod for testing and was unable to take it down...

After putting the bolt and nut it in a vise I finally managed to unscrew them. It took me over 15 minutes and WD40 was somewhat helpful.

I fixed the thread inside nut by tapping it again. I'm going to replace the bolts with brass ones, so they won't seize.


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