Frequency Reuse - 40 Degree Horns 9 Radios

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Has anyone done frequency reuse using nine 40 degree horns? I was thinking about aligning them like this.


My concern is that the opposing radios using the same frequency aren't exactly 180 degrees apart. These would be UBNT Rocket AC Gen2 radios using GPS Sync.


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@Arx Web- Thanks for the post and great question.  Most people have done frequency reuse with 30deg Horns, but 40's are perfectly fine.  Especially with GPS on Gen2 Rockets.  You don't have to be 180deg out like most people want you to think. 180* out is the rule of thumb with Traditional sectors because of their terrible side lobes and as you know Horns are not your regular sector.  You can do ABAB channel reuse with 30* Horns w/o issues.  Your ABC ABC set up on 40* Horns will work just fine.  We look forward to your feedback and reach out if you have other questions.

One thing I would add is to communicate with other users because having the correct GPS settings and FW on your radio is very important.  I cant really help you with that, but there are many WISPs that can on FaceBook or Radio Forums.

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