NanoStation 5AC compatibility

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Hey guys, 

just re-kindling this slightly older post, 

Would be cool to get a bracket for the NS-5AC series hardware as currently there is no way to give the NanoStation AC series any kind of tilt as much like the older M series it's pretty fixed to what ever angle the pole is set to, 

The mounting on the back is a smaller version to the "standard" Rocket mount which would clip onto the old (discontinued) EasyBracket-S  - so the physical clip is a similar smaller version of the "EasyBracket 912" - which is the same as the UAP-AC-M UniFi AP (not that it needs any tilting as its omni anyway)

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1 hour ago, JT said:

The market for CPE add on brackets is fraction of what it was years ago, that is why you see less and less options on the market. UBNT (and other vendors) has products that have tilt already in package.

Hey JT

That's fair enough, 

I know what trying to suggest a mounting which is discreet and/or gives better alignment ability for the NanoStation AC range by tilt or twist is not something that anyone has thought of unlike the older form factor of the mounting 

No Problem :)


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