StationBox with Mikrotik RB and RFE antenna to make public outdoor WiFi Hotspot

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I would like to install wifi hotspots for at least 200m around in various public places. Each access point must be dual-band since in my country there are still many 2.4GHz terminals. Help me in choosing the mikrotik routerboard and antennas. Can each AP support at least 70 connections at the same time? Thank you

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We have had this situation 2 years ago,  and we have solved by buildine AP using:

1. Mirkotik board with 5 GHz ac integrated card 

2. make the AP dual band per each board we installed

3. For housing outdoor we used station box s

4. For housing indoor we used

5. for outdoor AP we used those antenna and

6. for indoor AP we used those antennas:

7. in all cases the pigtails are needed. 

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thanks you Mr Distan.

I would also like to connect customers who are within a 6km radius with CPEs. Which antenna or equipment then combine with your proposal to connect the remote customers? In summary I want the phones within a radius of 100m, computers within a radius of 250m and remote clients with CPE within a radius of 6Km connect to my system. Thank you for yout help.

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