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hi sir ,

this is rishti broadband, we are ready to buy new rf elements symmetrical type horn antennas .

i am just confused among those models 30,40,60,70,80,90 degrees symmetrical horn antennas available right now , when sector degrees increasing cost reduced  yet right now i dont know the reason.

each antenna how many clients supports

each antenna bandwidth range means 300 mbps or more than 300 mbps

right now we are using rf elements base station sector antenna 120 degrees it supports 300 mbps and  75 clients

in my clients some are more than 7 km range

we are using microtik basebox 5 as cpe 

we are using client side microtik sxt lite 5 receiver

among 30,60,40,50.70,80,90 degrees symmetrical type horn antenna which one is best for me 

when new rf elements available in india



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Guest Mike

@Srishti Broadband,

the number of clients depends on the AP not the antenna. So with the same AP you can serve same number of CPEs (if they are in the coverage area). However I would recommend you to have less clients in order to provide them higher bandwidth.

For clients that are more than 7km far away I would recommend you to use 30° horn antennas. For clients which are closer you can use even wider antennas however the most suitable model for your needs depends on the distance of you clients, gain of CPE and also where you clients are located and how would you like to segment your coverage area. I would recommend you to check this webinar which will help you to understand how to use these antennas.

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Guest Mike

There is not any universal "best CPE". Usually people pick CPEs and APs from the same vendor so they can use its proprietary features (e.g. MikroTik has nv2 protocol). Our horn antennas are compatible with any radio (you can use SH-TP if we have TP adaptor or SH-CC for any radio) so we allow you to choose base on your preferences. Our recommendation is to use CPE with as narrow beamwidth as possible and with the gain appropriate to the distance of CPE. Again I would recommend you to check this webinar which will clarify you many things.

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