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can i known the difference between Ultra horn tp antennas ,ultra dish tp antennas and Symmentrical horn tp antennas and symmetrical horn carrier class antennas

i m just confused which one is best for me , we are using rf element base station sector antennas and for client boxes we are using microtik sxt lite 5. and one thin known about twist port adapaters for microtik RB912UAG-5HPnD-out is available

can u suggist me which one is best for me  and we have 300 clients on wireless and  we have 3 branches in india

and attached fies are now what we are using and my tower images.

and my tower is build on 2 floor building and from that place my tower is 60feet heightIMG_20170421_132240.thumb.jpg.83cedbb59661e791cdabb2978820c49a.jpgIMG_20170421_132244.thumb.jpg.10adc2b6750ec2ddd89f846e926a8d79.jpg





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@Srishti Broadband 

there are many differences between those antennas but the most basic one is based on the type of deployment:

Point-to-Point antennas: UltraDish™ and UltraHorn™

Point-to-Multipoint antennas: Symmetrical Horns and Symmetrical Horns Carrier Class

The main benefit of any horn antenna (i.e. UltraHorns, Horns TP and Horns CC) is that it does not have any side lobes. It has only one main lobe that transmit a signal just to the area where your customers are and not spreading the signal elsewhere. Thanks to the absence of side lobes and very precise beam width of horn antennas you will collect significantly less interference comparing to the traditional sector antenna. Please check our technology webpage where we explain how our technology works as well as products webpages for other benefits of each type of the antenna (horns TP, horns CC, UltraHorns and UltraDish). If you want to learn more you can also join our live webinars.

We do not have a TwistPort™ adaptor for MikroTik RB912UAG-5HPnD-out so the antennas marked with TP (stands for TwistPort™) are not compatible with this radio. So for point-to-multipoint deployments you can use either Symmetrical Horn Carrier Class antennas or Sector Carrier Class antennas. Both of these antennas have their benefits so in order to help you I will need more info like: how far are your clients? what type of CPE are you using? how wide is your sector? how many clients do you have per sector?



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