Horn Coverage Overlay Image for Google Earth

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Hi Guys,

Its Alasdair MacLeod from JHCS in England here.

Do we have any pictures that we can use in google earth to show rough coverage when putting antennas onto a site?

This is just for quick on the fly diagrams to shuffle around antenna.  

Something like the images on these pages would be perfect https://www.rfelements.com/technology#massive-scalability 

Its just for rough planning of horn deployment.  If not, im sure i can knock something up in photoshop to use as an overlay, i just figured, if it already exists, why try to reinvent the wheel :).


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Hi Alasdair,

unfortunately we do not have anything like this. If you want to roughly know the coverage of each horn, you can use "ruler" tool  in google earth to determinate angle between two points i.e. the sector that will be covered. Anyway thanks for feedback we will look into this as it might be helpful for others as well.


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We quickly knocked some up in photoshop to aid with fast preliminary planning in google earth.  I have zipped them and attached them to this post.

To use these open google earth.
Click "Add image overlay" (just left of the ruler tool)
Click "Browse" and choose the image
Adjust the "Transparency" slider to setup the desired transparency

On the map, you will notice the image has a green box around it.  Hold SHIFT and drag in the corners to resize and preserve aspect ratio so that the coverage is correct.
Use the diamond to rotate the image.

Click OK when your done.

When i get more time, ill make some prettier ones (unless you have an art guy that could make sexy ones).  These were just to help me preliminary plan a few sites really fast in google earth.

Thanks Guys.


Sector Images.zip


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