UltraHorn vs AF‑5G34‑S45


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I know they are not out yet but would like to know what the pros and cons would be if I were to upgrade from a AF‑5G34‑S45 to a UH?  I am mainly curious if I had a UH combined with a AF-5X if I would notice interference running this along with my other 5 GHz APs?  I would also have this mounted at least 10 feet lower on the tower.  Also what type of distance is a safe max for this?


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There are many benefits of using UltraHorns instead of traditional parabolic dish antennas: beam without side lobes, zero loss TwistPort™ connector, innovative and very easy mounting system. Beam does not have side lobes and signal is focused just in to main beam so UltraHorn will not receive signals outside this only lobe. Side lobes of parabolic dish antennas are huge, sometimes almost half the size of the main lobe, so the improvement of your performance will be significant. And you do not need to buy any shrouds or shields, just an appropriate TwistPort™ adaptor.

I would say that 30km for UH-TP 5-21 and 60km for UH-TP 5-24 should be feasible. However please note that achievable distances in real world might be different due to many factor like interference, topology etc.


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Such a distance is absolutely fine. We are still working on UltraHorns so it is extremely difficult to predict the improvement that you might achieve but if I have to guess I would say that it might be in tens of percents. However it is just my guess so rather try them and let as know :)

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