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I am going to put up a new Trylon 80' tower in April and plan on using the TwistPorts on this one for the first time.  I am a little concerned about reach as I am really high on a mountain with stuff below it and far out.  I am going to attach a map with the sector plan.  The GPS is 46.159300, -115.979612 for those that can look it up in the 3D view on Google maps and give me any suggestions.  I am mostly concerned about coverage between the green lines on the attached map.  I would be grateful for any help on this as mistakes cost greatly.  Also if anyone has suggestions on sector arrangement, let me know.  I will be using Ubiquiti Rocket AC radios.



Network Map 2.jpg

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@aardvarkglory Thanks for the post.  I will be happy to work with you on this.  The biggest issue I see is getting signal into some of the valleys.  You cant transmit through hills :)

Distance is not an issue here.  The longest link seems to be around 5 miles and 30deg Horns will do that easily. Even the 40, 50, 60deg Horns are spec'd at 5-6 miles.  What we may need to play with a bit is the down tilt of the Horns.  You should not need much as you are only about 1500 ft above most of the customers that I can see. Probably something like 3-4deg.

I will send you a PM with my email so we can talk in more detail.

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I wish you guys did not take this conversation offline as I am also at the "To tilt or not to tilt" crossroad.

My 60 degree horns will be mounted on a 150 feet tower and my furthest customer away will be... 4 miles maybe?

Tasos - Can you give us a rule of thumb here?

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@Arcee   Theoretical maximum distance with 16dBi client and SH-TP 5-60 (and maximum output power) is around three miles so for the furthest client use at least 19dBi client. In such a case you can use around 10° downtilt to not spread your signal too far. 


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Yes, that is true. We are working on solution that will help you to set desire downtilt. However for now, the only way is to try it - start we smaller downtilt (e.g. 5°) and if it looks that you are shooting too far add more.

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