Carrier Class Horn vs. Twistport Horn

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The question is simple...

If my radio has a TwistPort adapter AND a Carrier Class Horn option, should I use the TP or CC Horn?

I am using Mikrotik Radios and I am unsure as to where or not I would be losing in any way if I take the CC Horn route (other than a lot more cash :| )? 


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There are few things to consider.

Cost aside, with TP-A solution: electronics and rf connectors are in the same enclosure, protected against outdoor elements. There are still coaxial components in the signal path, as RouterBoard has MMCX ports, so we have to "translate" MMCX to waveguide. Variety of OEM RouterBoard offering is also to consider if it is limitation for you or not.

On Carrier Class Horn, you get more freedom in choosing the radio, so you have full metal antenna construction. On the other side you have more connection points (more coax connectors) in the signal path, so you introduce more signal loss on traditional coaxial pigtails vs TP-A. Also consider more potential sources of problems (water etc) when comparing with TP-A.

TP-A Horns are usually stocked in all 7 beam widths, while CC-Horns usually are stocked in 30°, 60°, 90° beam widths. (we of course supply other CC Horn models without issues).

The ease of radio deployment, maintenance, swapping the radios, upgrading platforms: TwistPort™ vs CC is night and day difference. Try the TwisPort once and you will never want your coax jumpers back.

As regards field performance, both antennas will rock in comparison to your current gear.

Hope this helps in making final decision :)

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