45º slant bracket for many 3rd party CPE antennas

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Some of the already available brackets can be used to fit some 3rd party CPE antennas (SXT, SEXTANT) in a 45º slant setup.

It would be nice to have a marker printed or profiled on the brackets to easily find the 45º angle.

It would also be nice to see some (Vertical adjustable) bracket that would allow Mikrotiks popular LHG-5 antennas to be fit in a 45º slant setup.

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I work with a Mimosa A5 and planning to use these more. We have some 80 LHG's out in the field that one day or the other either have to be replaced or if for a little bit extra can be made slant could stay around for another year or so....

LHG-5 is not only popular due its price, its a real  good antenna outperforming several other CPE's costing double... One day MT will make it 802.11ac and then they have a topseller that only better be fit slant to work with a Mimosa.....

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