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Long time ubiquiti user here and going to start installing a lot of epmp 4600 gear as i don't think ubiquiti is going to have a 6ghz solution with afs in any meaningful timeline as they never worked with cbrs stuff at all. 

We love your antennas here and feel thats the only way we've been to able to scale to 10k+ subscribers.  I know you said on the homepage that you are committed to 6ghz but was wondering what time frame as i am going to be putting up a LOT of 6ghz gear and really don't like the antennas cambium provides.

Do you have any time frames, news or data on this?  I just know all my field techs are going to be blaming those sma connectors for their woes and i hate their fragility.  Also since everything for epmp is 4x4 mimo is it going to be much different of a connection or a twinhorn type solution?

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Hey there,

We have recently tested and updated the datasheets for the symmetrical 30 degree horn (HG3-TP-S30), UltraHorn, and UltraDishes so they will officially support up to 6775Mhz now.  We did this so people getting test kits now can test with horns and long distance clients with the dishes or PTP without waiting for a new generation of antennas to come.  

We are working on new models that will support the full 6Ghz band that will be ready around the time the AFC is theoretically ready.  Will announce more details as that time approaches, but for now expect similar to current offerings but tuned to that band specifically.  

If you'd like to have a call then please reach out to me at caleb@rfelements.com and we can set something up to discuss in further detail, see what testing you want to do, etc.  



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