Array Sector 2-17 & UBNT Rocket 2AC Horizontal / Chain 1 (vertical) mismatch

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I purchased my first Array Sector 2-17 today and am so far very happy with the build quality.  As I slid my Ubiquiti Rocket 2AC onto the mount I noticed that the antenna cable leads labeled horizontal (left side) and vertical (right side) are exactly opposite of the Rockets 2AC SMA connectors.  i.e. the right side of the Rocket (as viewed from the front) is labeled chain 0 (horizontal) and the left side is chain 1 (vertical).  So, the Rocket 2AC, as it sits in the mount, has it's SMA connectors set up opposite of the antenna leads.  This is true for every UBNT rocket product (M2/5, 5AC/2AC, etc.).  Your online videos show UBNT rockets connected directly, with the chains mismatched...  Is this intentional?  Does it matter?  Any help is very much appreciated!




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