Is the Horn Side lobes a myth?


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When planning a well-balanced WISP network, you are definitely working with calculators, one of which will be an angle calculator. As you know, between AP / antennas, an 80Mhz frequency protection band is recommended, but in reality, no one can afford it, so variants with small side lobes (to reduce mutual interference) and even GPS synchronization are not considered in ABAB mode, but simply for adjacent devices. (life hak).
And now look at some of the chaos created by the horns. Everything is out of the planned angle is a potential mutual interference problem. Probably this is what many people see when they look at such pictures.image.png.c526cafade5ac18df3d7405c8c099ed1.png



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Hi And, the circle section on the images you shared indicates the -6 dB beam width of an antenna. The beam width is not equivalent of RF coverage given antenna provides. We are absolutely clear and vocal about it, for example in our Sector coverage uncovered webinar, which explains it all. This is not to create confusion, quite the contrary - clarity.

We do our best to help users understand the difference between antenna beam width and coverage. So we give people tools and information useful for their practical life. 

More over, this information is valid for any antenna out there - the beam width does not mean coverage. We say how things really are, instead of trying to sugar coat our messages by for example saying 'this antenna does not radiate outside the 60 deg angle'. The rest is of course up to the user to test what works in real life and how.

Our horns do not have any side lobes. Any antenna engineer understands that despite every antenna radiates in every direction, it is only a question of how much is too much. Therefore, for all practical considerations of WISP networks, our horns do not have side lobes.

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